It is the year 608 AR.

The mighty armies of Khador have been triumphant in their conquests.

Through the invasion and annexation of the kingdom of Llael, we have reclaimed the lands that are ours by right, and the people and territories of the ancient province of Umbrey are united for the first time in three-hundred years. Though once separated by the border, all men and women of Umbrey are now free to join hands under the unifying flag of the Greater Khadoran Empire!

Impressive though these gains have been, Empress Ayn Vanar I has proclaimed that it is the manifest destiny of this great kingdom to reclaim all of the lands it once counted as part of its ancient empire. Using the conquered cities of Llael as a staging ground, our soldiers and war machines are on the march South, to bring the fight to the kingdom of Cygnar, and to reclaim by force what is ours by right! Conquest for the Motherland, People and Army United!

I know your heart must yearn to join your brothers and sisters on that march, to pit your courage and your axe against the hated Southerners. Alas, this is not to be! The Empire needs you and your fellow Greylords for a purpose equally, if not more vital to the continued dominance of the Empire.
The Llaelese territories annexed in the invasion are still unsecured against our foes, and must be made safe. Their people are reeling and embittered from the damage they suffered at the hands of our armies, and they must be made to understand what it means to be a subject of the Empire. Their resources and industries lie fallow and in disarray, a legacy of the incompetence of their previous rulers as much as the damages of war, and they must be made productive in service of Khador and its armies.

This is your mission. Should you fail, our armies to the South will surely fail as well. Should you fail, the manifest destiny promised by our Empress will be unmade. But you will not fail. On your honor as a Khadoran, on your oath as a member of the Greylord’s Covenant, you will do your duty.

Should a hundred men bar your way, remember: they are only men. You are a Khadoran.

Wizards Only, Fools

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